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The ultimate and efficient use of the advancing and developing technology is when we know and put it to use in our daily routine without waiting for it to create a new need. Of course any new invention or innovation brings with it a new feature and benefit but this is only an addition. The main purpose of this technology is only to make the existing ones easier and better for the users. Taking it this way, we have so many gadgets and devices starting from the first computers to the smartest mobiles and all these were developed and designed to fulfill this aim. Now the latest to be used is the online fax portals and the services of the online fax service providers. This is one very important and essential invention mainly for people who are involved in business activities.

Success of a business depends on many successful threads of communication. Now this communication cannot happen personally everytime and this is something impossible when the business is spread over a larger and wider area. In such cases there arises a need for transfer of some important communication and information between people sitting at different poles. Here you might argue saying that e-mails can very well be used for this purpose and even if documents are to be sent they can be easily attached to the same. Yes of course, your argument stands accepted here.

The main purpose of using one of the above two modes of communication is transfer of information safely. No business would want their internal data to get into the wrong hands nor do they want any creepy eyes disrupting their privacy. Taking this fact into consideration, we understand that this can be done using either of these two ways. But both have their own advantages and disadvantages. So before concluding on one of them as the best, it is important that we take a look at the possible risks they come pregnant with and this weighing process will detail everything about each one of them transparently.

 E-mail vs. online fax

E-mails are the best and most common form of business communication. They serve the purpose of transfer of information both within and outside the office area. But there is a limitation with this communication channel. Though we get to discuss everything over e-mails, at some situations, it does not look good to send out an e-mail especially when there is an important internal meeting regarding the budgets and projects for the coming years. This is just to quote an example and there are many similar situations where they do not stand right.


Every e-mail account has a lock with a special username and password and hence access to others apart from the owner is restricted. Private messages and information can be sent to people without anybody`s notice which is not the case with faxes. The fax machine might be placed in the centre part of the office which is visited by all and hence important documents might get to the hands of others. But again this can be avoided in the electronic faxing method.


This paves way for breach of important information and it might go to even the competitor`s hands.


Online Fax:

The latest official trend is to go paperless but this has not stopped the faxes from flying from one place to the other. They have also been upgraded to the paperless category with the introduction of electronic fax facility.

Fax Benefits

With electronic faxing method in practice, the common danger of information getting breached can be avoided because this facility allows the user to either send the data to a person`s email if it`s very confidential.



This technology still is in its acceptance and growth stage, it is only a few who have adapted to this and hence the ones who receive or send faxes with physical machines to the ones who use this technology are always at risk.

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